A Personal Letter

Experience Matters but so Do Goals

We all step into our careers before we can think of it and then starts a never ending story of experiences before we finally decide and call it a day and retire. In the 30 years of our working tenure maybe with one firm and several departments or with several firms, we enrich our experiences with what we absorb from each of these firms. We tend to become busy so much so with work and with our family when we get home so that we tend to overlook one fact and that is ourselves. Did we set any Goals where you wanted to be when you retired?

Chart out your Personal Milestones on a yearly basis

We create milestones, deadlines to our projects and strive to execute them in the best ways possible but we forget to set some realistic milestones to our own personal career graphs and rectify defects/shortcomings in our personality. We overlook our shortcomings, some ignore them and some behave in such a way as if no shortcomings exist. Taking a honest opinion about ourselves is always what we try to put-off. If only we could have polished our personality, our skill set, had a look at the industry as to what it expected of us, the changing trends and how we strove hard to meet the demands, we could have been in better positions than what we are today.

If Only I had….

When we start our career we always feel, Oh !! if only I had put in more hours to my studies I would have got good grades which would have come in handy while applying for jobs. When we are towards the end of the career we again get the same feeling, if only I had put in a few hours in my spare time to pick up new technologies, if only I had learnt how to manage Time so that I always had some time left to do certain things which I could not have done otherwise, I would have been in a much better position by now. I could have taken an early retirement so that i could do the things I always dreamt of doing…

Keep a Role Model

There are times we get into a depressed mood. A depression can set in any time due to several factors. At this time a biography of a personality or following what a role model did in adversity would help you to charge your batteries and move forward. The rule is Do not get bogged down by Depression. This will slow down the path of progress.

Make those little sacrifices

A few people use this technique of increasing their will power to achieve a certain thing in their lives. Like, I will forsake sugar in my tea at home till i get a Certification or for some … I won’t enter a movie/cinema house again till I learn how to kick off my smoking habit. By making the spirit crave for a certain thing till a conscious condition is met would keep the means of achieving that condition alive in your subconscious mind.

Increase your Willpower

Come what may I am going to achieve this in life and no factors would either stop me or slow me down.

Best of Luck and God Bless



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